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Archive for June 5th, 2010

Just finished this blanket! I bought about 6 yards of this fabric at Walmart. I have seen some blankets made from this fabric but all they did was cut the length of the fabric and sewed around it and quilted it. I decided to cut out the panels and add solid strips of red in between and out line the characters to make it a little different and then tried to match the fabric colors for the back of the blanket and you can see the outline of the characters on the back. Its not the greatest job but I tried. I am saving this blanket for my grandchild some day. My daughter wants this blanket so bad, but she is in her 20’s; I told her she was to old and that I would wait for a grand child to give it to. She said I was going to have to wait a long time! Oh well I guess Ill have to wait! I found alot of cute quilted blankets on ebay. There are some that are called rag quilts! They are pretty! I will probably try to make one some day. Any way if you want to see the quilted blankets on ebay for baby’s and toddlers; Im thinking christmas is around the corner and one of these would make a great gift! Any way here are some