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Episcia Ember Lace blooming deep pink flower

Episcia Ember Lace blooming deep pink flower

Isn’t this just a beautiful episcia! I just wanted to show you a picture of my Episcia Ember Lace. I know it looks so delicate and it seems that all pink episcias; so we are told should grow in a terrarium. I figured Ember Lace could grow out of a terrarium because¬† it had green on the leaves so I just put it on the patio along side my other episcias. Well it just loved it there! I have already taken 2 stolons off of it and it just keeps on growing. I guess episcias like this Texas heat!¬† Episcia Ember Lace is a very popular pink and green-leaved cultivar. But if you want to keep the pink in it so it wont go back to an all-green form; the crowns and stolons without the variegation must be absolutely removed. I know that sounds brutal but it has to be done! I will try to have some for sale on my website as soon as I can! But all of my friends wont give me a chance to sell any! Episcia Ember Lace Growing on the patio in the Texas heat!

Episcia Ember Lace

Episcia Ember Lace growing on the patio along with my other episcias

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