Archive for July 21st, 2010

Bah boo and his flowerThis is our dog bah boo. He is so lovable and cute! He loves to play with this¬† stuffed flower; of all things! My daughter brought home a bouquet of stuffed flowers one day and she put them in her room in a safe place, so she thought!. Of course Bah Boo is just being a puppy and he just had to play with one of the flowers! He is just to cute; I just can’t stand it! He loves to play and he loves people. When we take him outside to do his business and he sees someone he just has to run up to them and say hi. There are also lots of cats (about a dozen of them!) that come over that belong to the neighbor. Bah boo tries to play with the cats, but he ends up getting slapped in the face! He still tries to make friends any way.

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