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Bah boo and his flowerThis is our dog bah boo. He is so lovable and cute! He loves to play with this¬† stuffed flower; of all things! My daughter brought home a bouquet of stuffed flowers one day and she put them in her room in a safe place, so she thought!. Of course Bah Boo is just being a puppy and he just had to play with one of the flowers! He is just to cute; I just can’t stand it! He loves to play and he loves people. When we take him outside to do his business and he sees someone he just has to run up to them and say hi. There are also lots of cats (about a dozen of them!) that come over that belong to the neighbor. Bah boo tries to play with the cats, but he ends up getting slapped in the face! He still tries to make friends any way.

Puppy with toy in his mouth Does any body want to play with me? I know my toy looks gross but I need to keep biting it over and over again so I can hear that squeaky noise it makes! Plus my baby teeth are bothering me! This is our new puppy he loves his stuffed animal (toy). He runs around the house with his toy in his mouth all day and then when he sees somebody he stops and drops it and stares at you hoping you’ll play with him! He’s just to cute; who can say no to him!

Sad puppy "Please anybody play with me!"

Here is a picture of our new dog. We call him several nick names! I call him Bah Boo. When we first got him we didn’t know if he was going to live; he was pretty sick. We did a lot of praying and we paid a lot of money to the veterinarian to save him! As you can see in the picture he survived! He is the most sweetest puppy he just loves every body and every thing! He brings lots of smiles, fun and happiness into this house hold.

Banana Boy

Banana Boy!

What did I do now? I’m just sitting here minding my own business! Why does every body have to pick on me for! This is my dogs favorite place in the whole house! Why? because he gets a good view of the kitchen!

Hi everybody! I Love to sleep! As you can see in the picture; when I get sleepy I just pass out where I am and it happened to be in the hall! I’m out like the light! I trust every one in my home so I can relax without any worries! Plus I’m right next to the kitchen; my favorite room in the whole house!

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