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Episcia Ember Lace blooming a bright pink flower

Episcia Ember Lace in Bloom "Beautiful Deep Pink Flower"

Episcia Ember Lace is one of the most beautiful episcias and is one of the most wanted episcias! This episcia is an heirloom it was registered in 1958! Episcia Ember Lace is a very popular pink and green-leaved cultivar. But if you want to keep the pink in it so it wont go back to an all-green form; the crowns and stolons without the variegation must be absolutely removed. I know that sounds brutal but it has to be done! If you decide to purchase Ember Lace someday keep in mind that you have to watch it closely as it grows and as soon as you see a stolon or crown growing with out any pink variegation you must remove it! The very first Ember Lace I purchased started growing solid green stolons and soon most of the crowns lost it’s pink variegation. I was devastated! What in the world did I do wrong.

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