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Episcia Strawberry Patch

Episcia Strawberry Patch Blooming Red and Yellow flowers

This episcia is one of the first episcias I collected. It looks hard to grow; but it is one of the easiest to grow. The leaves are a beautiful dark pink color. It is blooming a yellow and orange color in the picture, I don’t know why it bloomed yellow!? But the true color is more of a orange and red flower. I grow this episcia on the patio in the Summer. I know it is seems impossible, but they do like the warm steamy temperatures here in Texas! Don’t be afraid to grow these beauties! They are much easier to grow than an African Violet! Once you get this episcia growing you will have more plants than you can handle! I just love this one it is one of my favorite episcias. As soon as someone sees it they just have to have one!

Episcia Strawberry patch

Episcia Strawberry Patch

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