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This is my Iron Dog

When he was a puppy

Angel Wing Begonia Corliss Engle.† One of my many iron begonias! Any way thatís what I call† my begonias!


Episcia Raspberry Blush

Also called flame violet.

This is a star quilt that my Aunt made for me. Sheís the one that got me started in quilting. I have† a lot to learn!

This is my Iron Dog when

he turned one year old!

Here is a quilt I started to

make about 2 years ago. I still haven't finished it yet!

Rhizomatous Begonia Crestabruchii. Also called Lettuce Leaf Begonia

I just had to take a picture of the blue sky and fluffy white clouds. Just beautiful!

Angel Wing Begonia with white flowers, Looking Glass, and fibrous stemmed begonia cuttings.

Teddy Bear Topiary hand made by me with sphagnum moss. You can plant a live creeping vine on it and watch it grow!

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