Angel Wing Begonias

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Item: 4 1/2” pot or 6” pot

Looking Glass

Benigo is very pretty and easy to grow. It grows bushy and tall. It has lots of pink/mauve spots. Water when almost dry. Likes bright light; can tolerate morning sun.

Benigo-Mallet Begonia– blooms pink flowers

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Maurice Amy-Mallet Begonia-Blooms light pink flowers

Maurice Amy -has purple/mauve leaves with lots of purple/mauve spots. Water when almost dry. Grow inside in the winter; grow it outside on a patio or under the trees in the spring and summer. I fertilize every time I water and every once in a while I use plain water

Item: 4 1/2” pot

Maurice Amy

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Angel Wing Begonia Alamo Snow– Blooms pink flowers

Alamo Snow—blooms pink flowers. The leaves are medium to large;light green with large blotches of white spots. Water when almost dry it can take the morning sun or bright filtered light.

Item: 4 1/2” pot

Alamo Snow

Price: $7.50

A picture of spring time

Angel Wing Begonia Black Jack– Blooms Pink flowers

Black Jack has very dark olive leaves; some leaves are a solid color other leaves have white spots very pretty. Blooms large clustsers of coral/pink flowers.

Item: 4 1/2” pot

Black Jack

Price: $7.50

Begonia Lucerna-Blooms large clusters of pink flowers

Lucerna is a cane like Angel Wing Begonia it is an heirloom begonia. This begonia is one of the begonias that was handed down from grandma to mom and great aunts to nieces. This begonia was for sale from a lady that lived down the street from me. I purchased it in 1978.

Item: 4” pot


Begonia Looking Glass-has cane type stems

Price: $7.50

Looking Glass has cane type stems. The leaves are very large like an Angel Wing begonia and it grows very tall. Looking Glass also looks like it could be a Rex begonia because of the bright silver leaf and deep green center. But it couldn't be a Rex begonia because it tolerates the extreme heat here in Texas!

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Price: $7.50

Begonia Looking Glass

Item: 4 1/2” pot


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