Cane Type Angel Wing Begonias

 Item:  4 1/2” pot or 6” pot

Snow Capped


Text Box: Angel wing begonia Snow Capped blooms clusters of red flowers.

Snow Capped has medium size leaves and is an  Angel Wing begonia. The leaves have small silvery white spots. The blooms are so beautiful! It produses an abundance of red clusters of flowers.

Price: $7.50

Item: 4 1/2” pot

Coral Sabers

Coral Sabers has long dark olive serrated leaves with burgundy on back. It has beautiful large clusters  of coral/salmon blooms. Just gorgeous!

Angel Wing Begonia Coral Sabers blooms large clusters of coral flowers

Price: $7.50

Item: 4 1/2” pot


Susie has wide/long bat wing type leaves  with lots of spots. It blooms clusters of dark lipstick color blooms. Very pretty! I just found out this begonia has a slight fragrance! As I was packing it to ship to a customer I could smell a fragrance. I believe that some angel wing begonias have a fragrance because of the summer heat! I grow all of my Angel Wing Begonias outside under the trees in the summer.

Angel Wing Begonia Susie Blooms clusters of dark lipstick/pink color

Price: $7.50

Item: 4” pot


Bess Truman is an heirloom Angel Wing Begonia. I purchased this begonia the same time I purchased Lucerna. I have had it since 1978. It is super easy to grow! It blooms lots of clusters of bright pink flowers.

Angel Wing Begonia  Bess Truman Cane type. Blooms sprays of pink flowers.

Price: $7.50

Item: 4 1/2” pot

Tom’s Fantasy

Tom’s Fantasy-covered with light orange flowers.  This medium leaved angel wing begonia has wavy silver spotted leaves, grows compact so it is a good hanging basket type plant.

Angel Wing Begonia Toms Fantasy-Blooms light orange flowers

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Purple Iris blooming in the back yard

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Begonia Snow Capped
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