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Angel Wing Begonia Frosty

Angel Wing Begonia Sylvan Triumph

Angel Wing Begonia Medora

Angel Wing Begonia Frosty, is a bushy type begonia it can grow as tall as 3 to 4 feet tall and it blooms pink/salmon flowers

This begonia blooms hot pink flowers. The leaves are splattered with white spots.

This begonia has small Angel wing leaves with white spots; it blooms lots of clusters of pink flowers.

Angel Wing Begonia Irene Nuss

Angel Wing Begonia Texas Tea Slipper

Begonia U062

This is a tall growing begonia. It blooms beautiful clusters of pink flowers.

Texas Tea Slipper is a tall and shrub type begonia. It blooms dark salmon flowers. The leaves have white/silver spots and burgundy underneath.

Species from the Philippines. This begonia has lots of pink/purple spots on the leaves.†

Angel Wing Begonia Jean Pernet

Angel Wing Begonia Perfectifolia

Angel Wing Begonia Argenteo-guttata

This Angel Wing Begonia is a small leaved angel wing begonia. It blooms sprays of dark pink/red flowers.

Small leaved begonia, compact grower. Blooms white flowers

Medium to large leaves Angel wing begonia. Leaves are olive green and have white spots on top and burgundy underneath.

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