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Text Box: Pictures of my dogs past and present.

Christmas time!

Goofy time!

Sleepy time!

Time to Snore!

Time to relax!

Totally asleep time!

I Can't stop smiling !

Passed out!

Should I excersize?

An Angel

Bat Dog!

Smells like Chow time!!!

I like to sleep a lot!

My Momís dog. I brought him home the same time I brought my dog home. They grew up together. My Moms dog is half sharpie and half lab. He has allergy problems!

Dogs they make you laugh!

Dogs you just canít live without them! They are so Loveable!!

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Toniís Home Nursery

This is my dogs first Christmas with us. He is no longer with us. He is a good friend

He is acting silly and trying to get my attention. I miss him

Finally tired of playing and is dozing off!

This is my best friend sound asleep! This is my dog he trusts me completely! He knows its me taking this picture!

My new dog. I know he looks like my last† dog. I missed my dog so I had to get one just like him. Both have different personalities of course.

Bah Boo Likes to sleep

Heís so cute!

I canít keep my eyes open!

Bah Boo is my daughters dog† she just† brought him home one day; hoping I would let her keep him.

Well Bah Boo is loved by every one that sees him! If only they knew how sick he was when we first got him. My daughter now knows what a responsibility it is to own a dog.

He is so sleepy! Its not time to get up yet! Go away I need some more sleep!