Episcia Photo Gallery

Text Box: These are a few pictures of Episcias, that I have collected through out the years. They just are so beautiful with their brilliant leaves. They love warm temperatures.

Episcia Tricolor

Assorted Episcias growing on the patio

In this picture you can see how my episcias thrive on the patio in this Texas Heat! The temperature that day was 100 degrees!


Pink Pather

Beautiful hot pink flower! Leaves are bronze on the edge, olive green in the center.


Silver Skies

Small silver leaves edged in dark green. Considered a mini episcia but it can grow rather large if you let it.


Country Kitten

This episcia has dark bronze/ mauve fuzzy leaves and blooms red/orange flowers.

Episcia Suomi

Blooms yellow flowers. Shiny bronze leaves with a olive center.



Rosie pink shiny leaves edged in bronze.

Orange flowers.


Country Brilliance

Absolutely beautiful! Dark bronze leaves with deep red/pink leaves.

Red flowers.

Episcia Karlyn

Cream and white variegated leaves. Blooms red/orange flowers

Bronze leaves with green veined. Blooms Peach/orange flowers.

Episcia Cotton Candy

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