Fibrous & Rhizomatous Begonias

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Foliosa-common name Fern leaf begonia is a fibrous begonia. It blooms tiny sprays of white flowers. Water when almost dry likes bright light. It can be grown on a patio or under a tree or inside by a window. This begonia can tolerate morning sun.

Begonia foliosa– also called “Fernleaf begonia”- Blooms tiny white flowers

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Item: 4 ” pot foliosa

Item: 4 ” pot


Cathedral is also called the Stained Glass Begonia. It is one of the most unusual begonias I have ever seen. I just love this begonia! It blooms tall sprays of pink flowers.

Begonia Cathederal also called the Stained Glass Begonia

Dregi-semi-tuberous– Blooms dainty white flowers

Dregii-is called ‘maple-leaved’ and is semi-tuberous, it forms a caudex at its base. It has small divided, narrow pointed leaf segments and blooms dainty white flowers.


Item: 4 1/2” pot


Price: $8.50

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Angel Wing Begonias  growing by the fence.

Price: $8.50

Begonia foliosa
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