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Text Box: I love to grow vegetables and all kinds of exotic plants. I just started sewing quilts not to long ago. Here are a few pictures that I have taken of my vegetables, plants, and quilts.

Poblano Peppers

Green striped

Crooked neck Pumpkin

Jelly Bean, Cherry,

Homestead tomatoes


Five point

Star Quilt

Eight Point

Star Quilt

Block Quilt

I† attempted to make

Log Cabin Quilt


Friendship Plant

Succulent Euphorbia

Also called Cows Horn cactus

Yellow Kalanchoe

Opuntia Prickly pear

Cactus-Yellow flowers

I grow these vegetables every year. We love green tomatoes around here! We hardly ever let the tomatoes turn red! The green striped pumpkin is an heirloom; it was grown by my grandfather for years and now my uncles grow them and I am the next one in line to continue the tradition.

Only one of these quilts was made by a professional quilt seamstress, which was my Aunt. The others are attempts from me! I figure Iíll get it right if I keep on making more.

Here are a few Exotic plants that I have collected! I have many more!

Handkerchief† Apron

Saucer Sqaush

We love green tomatoes!

Log Cabin Quilt 2

Log Cabin 3

Crown of Thorns

Pale Yellow Crown

of Thorns

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Toniís Home Nursery

My new hobby! I am now collecting Vintage sewing patterns from the 40ís to now!

This will keep me busy during the winter!†

Vintage sewing patterns from the 40ís to the 70ís

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