Text Box: Begonia Masoniana-Iron Cross Begonia
Text Box: The name of this begonia is Masoniana the common name is Iron cross. I purchased this beautiful rhizomatous begonia at a plant show. There use to be a plant show at least twice a year in Austin Texas in the Palmer event center, it is no longer called that and there are no longer plant shows there. I loved going to the plant shows. They were so much fun that I decided to also be part of the plant shows; they were so popular in the 80ís. Now the only plant show is the annual Zilker botanical gardens spring garden show. The Iron cross begonia is much easier to grow than a Rex begonia. It blooms in the summer unlike the other rhizomatous begonias that bloom in the winter. This begonia tolerates the warm temperatures here in Texas. This is a good exotic and rare begonia to start with; if you are a beginner. If you live in Texas and want to grow begonias in this Texas heat, then try growing the Iron Cross begonia. I would try growing the Iron Cross begonia on a patio. I have seen it growing at the Zilker botanical gardens in their begonia garden. Make sure the soil is almost dry before you water it again. This begonia was one of the first begonias I collected and I just fell in love with it. The first Angel Wing Begonia begonia I collected was Lucerna and it is an heirloom begonia. The Iron Cross begonia is one of my favorite begonias.
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Text Box: The Iron Cross Begonia was one of the very first begonias that I purchased in 1979! This is when I went to my first plant show and I fell in love with this begonia!

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