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Text Box: The begonia you see in the picture is  called Lucerna and is an heirloom begonia. If you give it morning sun during the spring it will have a beautiful red/burgundy hue on the leaves. This begonia blooms beautiful umbels of pink flowers. Angel Wing begonias are the easiest to grow. They like bright light.
Text Box: Begonia Lucerna is one of the most easiest Angel Wing Begonias to grow. The leaves are at least 8 inches long  and are a deep green to a burgundy color with scattered spots. The flowers it produces are long umbels of light pink to dark pink in color.  Begonia Lucerna can grow as tall as ten feet tall or more if you let it. You can pinch it back or cut tip cuttings to make it branch out. I grow this begonia on a patio or under the trees in the spring, summer and fall in Texas. This begonia can grow in a heavier soil so it can be planted in your garden, but you will have to protect it from frost. If you live in a place where the winters are mild it should survive. Begonias like cool temperatures and they barely tolerate the summer heat. Lucerna like I mentioned earlier is one of the easy ones to grow and it tolerates the heat here in Texas very well. I have many Angel Wing Begonias That I grow outside in the Texas heat, they grow at their best in the spring and fall; but not in the summer mostly they just tolerate the heat in the summer. Begonias like to be watered when the soil is almost dry. Angel wing begonias come in all sizes from tiny leaves to very large leaves. I like the large leaved begonias the most.
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Angel Wing Begonia Lucerna is a large leaved tall growing begonia. It has has been around for a long time and very easy to grow.†† *More information on Lucerna*