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Text Box: Episcia Strawberry Patch
Text Box: Episcia Strawberry Patch is a beautiful pink/mauve leaved episcia. It is a very popular episcia anyone that sees it must have it. Episcia Strawberry Patch is one of the first episcias I collected; actually one of my best friends ordered about 30 episcias through the mail. She gave me ten and she kept the rest. 
Text Box: Like I mention above My best friend purchased about 30 episcias; she gave me 10 and she kept the rest. One of the 10 was Strawberry Patch. When I saw it I thought, “oh no this must be a hard one to grow”, because it has pink leaves! I better enjoy it while it lasts! To my surprise it was very easy to take care of. It grew so fast and it had many stolons on it. I cut off most of the stolons and made many new plants. I grew them into large spectacular plants! I had so many of them that I decided to sell them as a gift plant. Thank goodness I also had a florist at that time so every time someone ordered a blooming plant I would send out a Strawberry Patch. I received so many phone calls about this episcia; mostly they asked where can I buy these type of plants they are gorgeous! My answer of course; you can buy them here. You see I was the only florist selling these beauties, because this is my hobby! I thought about selling them whole sale to florists here in Austin, but like always, I got busy doing other things. I no longer have a florist, but I still grow episcias and begonias and sell them as small plants. Episcias like warm temperatures so they love the summer and they hate the winter! I grow them outside during the summer on the patio and in the winter I grow them inside under grow lights. They don’t look like much during the winter; but when summer gets here watch out they grow super fast!

Episcia Strawberry Patch has pink/mauve leaves

Flowers are tubular orange and yellow

Text Box: Here are 3 pictures of Episcia Strawberry Patch. The first picture  shows  the beautiful pink./mauve foliage. The second and third picture is a close up of the orange and yellow flowers.
Text Box: Toni’s Home Nursery
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